Assignment 2f: MoRoCo Chocolate Heaven

Hello again, my high tea lovers!

So after a long day of studying with my best friends, Jenny, Hannah and Fanny, we desperately needed to sit back, relax and call for a TIMEOUT.

 And what’s the best way to spend a late afternoon together with friends?

Definitely – AFTERNOON TEA!

Hannah suggested we try “Mo…What…Co”.  Well, actually it’s “MoRoCo” (Sorry, excuse my best friend, who has pronunciation problems). A café located at 99 Yorkville Avenue, nestled right next to Sassafraz Restaurant.

When you were little did you ever hear stories about a guy named Willy Wonka? Or did you ever watch the movie “Willy Wonka – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?” Well, I did!  And my visit to MoRoCo café was exactly like going to Willy Wonka’s Wonderland because I think I have gone to chocolate heaven… Seriously! The moment I walked through the storefront, I felt like I am entering Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. The smell of milk and dark chocolate filled the air.

This café offers 3 different kinds of high tea experiences for customers.

  1. MoRoCo champagne afternoon tea set
  2. MoRoCo High Tea set (with or without Champagne)
  3. Princess and Prince Tea set (for children under 12)
Their selection of high tea sure will delight youngsters while sending adults into a state of chocolate bliss!
Nom… Nom…Nom…

We ordered the MoRoCo Champagne Afternoon Tea set $55 which included:

A Glass of Champagne
Herbal or Fruity Teas
MoRoCo’s signature chocolate sipping
Chocolate macaroons
Handcrafted desserts (All chocolate flavoured)
A Collection of sandwiches
Chocolate Scones with Devonshire cream

Who can resist the temptation of chocolates and perfect combinations of food?

definitely NO ONE!

The Location
The MoRoCo Chocolate Cafe is Located in the heart of downtown Toronto, set in a row of Victorian houses. The Cafe hosts afternoon tea 7 days a week and everything is made in house. The café is small inside but they provide guests an option to sit out on the patio, where people can enjoy their afternoon tea under the sun.

The Atmosphere
Grey and purple-coloured furniture fills the place, plush velvet banquettes fits for the royalty, chandeliers dangle from the ceiling, and abstract sculptures stand on wall-shelves adding a British bourgeois touch and finesse to the place. Everything in MoRoCo brings a smile to my face.

My friends and I were intrigued to see what this place was all about. We stumbled upon to our journey at Yorkville and walk passed Sassafraz Restaurant and finally, we reached the storefront of the MoRoCo Cafe. At the storefront of the MoRoCo Cafe, we found a tiny chocolate boutique.

Hundreds of sinful chocolate concoctions that taste much better than those Godiva ones. The entire boutique is filled with enticing chocolates and multi-colour macaroons stowed away inside the illuminated glass cases. Fondue chocolate fountains, flowing like champagne in the boutique, warm and ready for dipping. Strawberries, apple slices and melons, all freshly cut into small bites placed next to the chocolate fountain. This place is an absolute CHOCOLATE HEAVEN for all chocolate lovers. It definitely adds a sexy touch to plain cacao beans. (Make sure to bring some home after your delightful high tea experience!)

As we were guided to our table, we were already hooked by all the delicious meals that others were having. After settling in, we didn’t even look at the menu, because we were too excited to try their afternoon teas.

Everything about the High Tea Set at MoRoCo
We began our whole high tea experience with choosing our teas: a tray of 20+tea samples (flowery, fruity, herbal and earthy) placed on the table. The idea is to go through them one by one and smell them until you find one that will add a sensory touch to your high tea experience.

Beside the teas, you are welcome to try their signature chocolate sipping, a cup of melted chocolate served along with a cup of whip cream. (Hint: remember to swirl the melted chocolate completely into the whip cream !) Apparently, chocolate sipping is a luxurious Parisian thing, it is similar to the idea of hot chocolate.

The three tiers of delicious food come when your teas and chocolate sipping are ready. Start your way from the bottom.

Always remember:
Eat slowly, hat happily and drink with elegance.

Sandwiches include salmon, cucumber and egg salad.  Not quite impressive. However their scones and desserts are definitely the highlight. The scones have melted chocolate bites inside; combine with the Devonshire cream, the taste is sensational.  The metled chocolate did not overpower the floury and buttery taste of the scones but they make everything better.

The taste of their macaroons after just one small bite will fill your soul with fizzy happiness and warmth: they’re chewy inside but crispy outside. The macaroons are filled with a smooth, thick layer of icing, jam or cream, sandwiched between crispy disks. We tried the chocolate, pistachio, crispy salty caramel and lavender flavours. The chocolate one tasted the best, because making chocolate is their specialties. Duh!

Nom Nom Nom …

 A friendly reminder:Don’t look for excellent services here! After all this is just a chocolate cafe, don’t except too much from the services” 🙂 

All in all, if you want to have your childhood dream come true, visit the MoRoCo café. It is an ideal place for brunch and late afternoon snacks. MoRoCo is a place where you can enjoy hundreds of sinful chocolates all at once. Especially their macaroons which conceal  irresistible surprise inside- a luscious chocolate centre. Nom… Nom… Nom…

MoRoCo is a perfect place for exchanging gossip with friends, and family. The atmosphere is so relaxing. There is definitely something undeniably magical at MoRoCo cafe. I guarantee all my high tea lovers will feel satisfied and rejuvenated after visiting.

P.S. Even their bathrooms are elegant and decorated.
P.P.S. There are a lot of mirrors inside this café ( You better be looking good).

MoRoCo is surely a chocolate and a high tea lovers’ paradise.

Well enough of me babbling, until next time my beloved high tea lovers,

Oh, remember to share your high tea experiences with me!

Tuesday-Wednesday 11 am – 10 pm,
Thursday-Saturday 11 am – 12 am,
Sunday 11 am – 6 pm

99 Yorkville Ave Toronto, ON M5R 3K5

Phone: 416- 961-2202

Wallet Damage: 4/5 (15% tips necessary)
Tea: 3/5
Food: 3/5
Services: 2/5

2 thoughts on “Assignment 2f: MoRoCo Chocolate Heaven

  1. Hi ! I feel like i wanna go Moroco on Sunday afternoon for sure. I enjoyed reading it because it sounds really interesting to me since my blog is about a restaurant and caffe reviews. I like the way you mentioned ” Willy Wonka – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” and then linked it to the youtube video so that readers can easily imagine what you are trying to describe. I personally wanna go and try it… I think it would be great if you mention about the actual price :D.

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