Assignment 5d:The Fairmont Royal York

High tea is not grannies sitting around, knitting and wearing fluffy big hats sipping teas in the backyard.

 High Tea, is a sophisticated British pleasure! 🙂

As a lover of teas, especially high tea 🙂 I often venture into the city to try new venues.

Today, I went to the Fairmont Royal York for a traditional British high tea adventure and I knew I’d be in for something special, something unforgettable and something irresistible.

Who could have imagined with all the hustle and bustle in the finical district of downtown Toronto, there is a place where you can relax and enjoy a sophisticated and traditional British style high tea – The Fairmont Royal York Hotel.


The Fairmount Royal York has been serving traditional British high tea since its opening in 1929. The high tea takes place in the library bar located next to the Epic Restaurant.

Their high tea menu includes: The Fairmont Royal York High Tea experience

The Traditional Tea Experience
$35 per person (15% tips not included)
The Royal Tea Experience
$60 per person (15% tips not included)
Includes fancy canapés
Includes glass of Moet

 *A La Carte Menu also available upon request*

Few words conclude my British food affair:
The food? DELICIOUS!
The drinks? DELIGHTFUL!
My stomach? BLOATED like 3 months pregnant!
                                     (So don’t eat anything before your visit!)
The experience? LUXURIOUS!


The Atmosphere
The Library Bar is located adjacent to the famous Imperial Room in The Fairmont Royal York; the atmosphere inside is a pleasant mixture of coziness and “historical”(just as its name suggested). With violinist playing music, the room is filled with romance. The furniture is antique, Victorian armchairs, paired with silver platters and floral patterned fine china. It’s definitely an adult version of Alice in wonderland.

The Menu
The high tea includes exclusively blended Fairmont tea, petit sandwiches, pastries, homemade scones, fresh fruits and desserts. It’s your choice to choose whether you want a four part or five part British high tea affair. For those who are seeking a twist on their traditional high tea experience, they can enjoy the Royal Tea experience by adding a glass of Moet for an extra $25.

The Tea
The tea selection varies from green, herbal, fruity and black teas. They range from classic Jasmine, Earl Grey and Oolong, to very fruity/ flowery Cherry Rose teas. You can also go for the Fairmount Royal York Breakfast blend for a taste of Britishness. Not to mention, their teas are not served in the traditional loose-leaf steeped fashion, but the loose-leafs are contained in an infusion bag (similar to those that Starbucks or Second Cup serves). It is so convenient and “dirt free” (usually some high tea restaurants hand pick the loose leafs – EWW… gross right!). The tea of your choice is then be served in a floral patterned teapot.

I ordered the Royal Tea experience because I wanted a Royal British affair 🙂 ( Call me Your Highness today! don’t Call Me Maybe

The Starter
Soon after my traditional breakfast blend was ready to be served, my Royal affair began with a cup of seasonal berry cocktail and fresh baked crumpet on the side.

The Grand Marnier butter spread melted perfectly on the crumpet, with a slather of honey as well. It is very sticky, and the crumpet is so soft, so it’s better to use a fork and knife. Not to mention, the Fairmount Royal York is the only place in Toronto that has served traditional crumpet since 1929.

The Finger Sandwiches
This is something different than other high tea locations in Toronto. Why? Because the finger sandwiches were served on our own plate, they were not placed on the high tea stand.

There were four different kinds of sandwiches: P.E.I lobster and mango salad, Nova Scotia smoked salmon, smoked turkey breast with Aged Manchego and Ontario brie with Niagara apple, strawberries and peach preserve.

*HIGHTEAINSIDER PICKS: The Ontario brie and P.E.I lobster and mongo salad!!!!

Tastes very UNIQUE!


The Scone

What is high tea without the present of traditional house baked scones?

The Royal York served cranberry scones, again very different than traditional plain flavor. The scone tastes best when it is still warm. Not buttery at all.

Devon cream spread + Royal York cranberry scones = ECSTASY!

See the mountain of scones

The Pastries
The highlight of the experience is their swans looking pastry. It tastes like cream puff but filled with strawberries and jams.

Isn’t it so PRETTY looking! 🙂

The honey and dark chocolate Madeleine is also worth mentioning. They were a very strong finish to conclude my British high tea adventure.

The Fairmont Royal York hotel has a slogan, “turning moments into memories for our guests”. Well, I think they did successfully turn my moments into unforgettable memories.

P.S: Don’t forget to visit Fairmount Royal York’s podcast station. Many offers are available upon visiting their sites and join their membership.

Any suggestion for a good traditional “Britishness” high tea? Don’t hesitate! Reply to me!


Any moments you would like to share?
I welcome you to share your happiness with me!

Hours: (High tea is served only on weekends)
Saturday 12:30pm – 4:30pm
Sunday 12:30pm – 5:00pm

The Fairmont Royal York Hotel (Library Bar)
100 Front Street West
Toronto, Ontario
M5J 1E3
(Across Union Station)

Library Bar Tel: (416)-860-5050 (Require reservation 2 weeks in advance)

Wallet Damage: 4/5
Tea: 5/5(Excellent)
Food: 5/5(Excellent)
Services: 5/5(Excellent)


3 thoughts on “Assignment 5d:The Fairmont Royal York

  1. You know, you had me at “Britishness” lol I have this weird fascination with British culture, especially their tea cultures. Their teas and the little finger foods and cakes that goes with the teas are just so posh(not in a bad way) and eye-catching and beautiful! I tried once when I visited England once, though I found them really expensive. I find it pretty expensive here too, judging by the price you have written in the post. But oh my, those crumpets and scones look so tempting. Love your pictures too!

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