Godiva Chocolate Experience


This post is nothing about high tea, but is about one of my favourite chocolate shop...

Recently, I received a Fedex package. I have no idea who was the sender… I thought it is something that I ordered online but when I open the box, I saw a box of Godiva chocolate …

Maybe I did  complain to them because I was unsatisfied with my purchase of their chocolate, however I never knew they will take their customers complain so seriously…

This is what I call customer service 🙂 and this is why “Godiva, you will always be my favourite chocolate shop.”


Assignment 2f: MoRoCo Chocolate Heaven


Hello again, my high tea lovers!

So after a long day of studying with my best friends, Jenny, Hannah and Fanny, we desperately needed to sit back, relax and call for a TIMEOUT.

 And what’s the best way to spend a late afternoon together with friends?

Definitely – AFTERNOON TEA!

Hannah suggested we try “Mo…What…Co”.  Well, actually it’s “MoRoCo” (Sorry, excuse my best friend, who has pronunciation problems). A café located at 99 Yorkville Avenue, nestled right next to Sassafraz Restaurant.

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